EU Youth Championship

From 31 July to 8 August, the 17th EU Youth Championships and the 26th Styrian Youth Open takes place in Mureck. Organizer Erich Gigerl welcome participants from 20 nations, who will fight for the EU titles (U8, U10, U12, U14) in four age groups and will also play in two groups (U8-U12, U14-U18) in the International Styrian Open. In total, around 145 young people will come to Mureck and participate in the tournaments.

Elofavorites of the EU Championships are: Kann Efim (BUL, U14), Wendl Philipp (AUT, U12), Ernst Robert (AUT, U10) Uzunov Emil (BUL, U8) and girls Rejniak Zuzanna (POL, U14) , Basa Manasvita (NED, U12), Vucenovic Diara (CRO, U10) and Siobhan Mensah (AUT, U8). The games are broadcasted live in the internet.

The guests of honor at the opening ceremony were Alexandra Nagl, the head of the youth department of Styria, Anton Vukan, the mayor of Mureck, Christian Contola, the chief of the Bad Radkersburg tourist department, Kurt Jungwirth, the honorary president of the Austrian Chess Federation and Erich Gigerl.

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